Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How We Change The World With Just 1 Tweet?!

I'm Luckie, a concerned citizen from Atlanta, Georgia who came up with the idea of encouraging people to tag on June 19th in celebration of FREEDOM, and in peaceful protest of ANYONE and ANYTHING posing a threat to it.

Why? Because for far too many reasons, I'm just really, REALLY angry!

From AIG and bank bailouts I don't understand the complexities of, but lost my job and home to in 2008. To unemployment benefits that have run their course, leaving my Sister, several close friends and their children, struggling to survive. To my 68 year old Mother recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, whose Social Security benefits barely cover 1/3 of her needs, and whose 2 primary prescriptions total $475 PER PRESCRIPTION. Yep -- I'm fed up!

Like most people, I work, pay taxes, love my family, and community. I'm a good citizen, and damn nice person! Why are my interests not protected by the society I've vested to, and my Ancestors contributed in building?

How is it that in 2010 Congressman John Lewis (D-Georgia), one of our few remaining Civil Rights Liberators, can be spit on and called 'Nigger' in Washington, DC? How can we -- as a society -- tolerate the massacres of Gaza and Darfur? How is it BP was afforded free reign to contaminate our oceans, with accountability and threat of criminal action coming [at least] 45 days too late?

And what of the wars?! What is the plan for Afghanistan and Iraq?! When will our men and women come home?

FreedomTweet 2010 has no campaign budget or big corporate sponsor. There are no hidden agendas and no fund raising efforts prompting it.

FreedomTweet 2010 is Luckie and whoever decides to join me on the 19th and beyond, exercising the civil liberties our Ancestors have fought and died for. It's people REFUSING to be silenced by apathy.

We're not defenseless and FAR from helpless.To the contrary, we have two very powerful mediums on hand -- our voices and global reaching technology tools!

Just as we support Government in times of GREAT victory, it's permissible to chastise policy makers in times of failure.

I'll advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Answering the prompt of CODEPINK's Medea Benjamin, I'll turn my outrage to action!

On June 19th, FreedomTweet 2010 can make the world acknowledge the power of a 140 character *tweet* with heartfelt purpose and advocacy behind it.

Refuse to be silent. Choose to be heard!

The Human Spirit is so powerful. I believe we all possess the ability to change the world.

June 19th on will you join me in proving it?


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